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Love And Beyond Part 2

Just when you think you have things figured out, the curse takes a new turn. Now What?

. Fantasy Romance

. Young Adult


.  Ancient Curse

.  Action

. Suspense

. Elemental magic of confusion.  

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Love And Beyond Part 3

The trilogy comes to an end.

Deep inside Gloria knows something big is on the horizon. 

Coming in the future

Dancing a Supernatural Tale, Hidden Series Dancing In The Dark

-Dance of Unexpected Change. (Book 1)

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    Any author will tell you, reviews are important. They help both the author and the reader. The author, by an honest opinion of the story. The reader, to help decide if the book is worth the time and money invested in the book. Amazons, screening of reviewers is a good one. Because everyone wishes to have an honest review. However the process they do is a bit unfair to the honest person. Those that would use dishonest means to get a good review. That being said many of my reviews were taken off. I try to keep an eye out for reviews to post them before they are taken away. I am not always successful, here is a place where you can see and leave honest reviews.