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An Existence Of Its Own

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Welcome to my website.


Series 1, Sheamalight Existence

Series 2, Dancing A Supernatural Tale

   Hi, I am Nathan Colston, I'm probably best-known for...okay, I am not known. But I would like to be. I am a new author currently working on two fantasy sagas: You can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to wander around and explore. There is no telling what you will find. You can reach out to me. Unlike the beings in here, I won’t curse or attack you.

When I first started making this website, I wanted it to be different.  I wanted it to be creative and fun. Not all about me. I have plans for the future and hope to make them become a reality. In here you will see tidbits of things I thought was cool and incite on what the books will be about. Some of the things in here are in the works and have not been completed or edited. I hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting my website.

Latest Release

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Love and Beyond Part 3 takes up where Part 2 left off. Or does it?


Now Gloria and Brittany face hard choices and difficult life events after Stanley passes away from gunshot wounds.


Gloria cannot deal with reality, and so she soothes her soul with drugs. However, the drugs blur the lines between what is real and what is not. Or is it the curse rearing its head again that clouds her vision?


Brittany, grieving over the loss of her love, turns to another unexpected lover, perhaps the least likely candidate for her affections. Will this new relationship work out or will it follow the tragedy she has experienced so far?


Will there be a happy ending this time or disaster for the dancers as the curse dictates their fate? Find out in Love and Beyond Part 3, Dancing a Supernatural Tale, Series 2, Dancers Curse of Love.

Current Book News


Working on several projects to be added to the library soon, hopefully.

The next book in Dancers Curse of Love. Dance of Unexpected Change is in the editing process now. It should be released this year sometime. Expect the story to do as the tidal says. It opens many doors.


A new set of circumstances, another new reality.

Overseeing the fate of the dancers is Dunkar, along with Destiny and the Fates. Coming to Earth, these supernatural beings interact with the same cast of characters: Stanley, Gloria, Britney, Bobby, and others. Each is in a new relationship, controlled like puppets on strings by the books of Sheamalight and Dunkar.

The death of Granny May forces the crew together, and anger and grief fuel their choices. Gloriana, one of the two halves of Gloria, confronts Stanley, who is pulled away to attend a mysterious meeting that involves the books that guide the players in this realm. The books are disappearing, and history is being erased, and a war is about to erupt.

Will the forces beyond their control bring them to a tragic end in this new beginning?

A cover for the book has been chosen and will likely be on display early next year.

Next series to be released will be Sheamalight Existence Guardian of the doors Series. Release date unknown. 

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